About us

As a privately financed venture capital investor with long-term and flexible capital we are looking for exceptional founders who are committed to building category leaders throughout the next 5-10+ years.

We invest in early-stage technology ventures with a focus on Real Estate, Finance & Insurance, Human Resources, Renewable Energy, Mobility, and Health. Picus makes initial investments in pre-seed, seed and series A ventures thereby starting to work together with entrepreneurs in various stages of their companies ranging from ideation phase to initial traction.

We follow a very long-term investment approach investing significant amounts throughout the lifecycle of the companies. We have invested in over 50 companies to date.

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At Picus we work in a culture combining the discipline of a financial investor with the creativity and pragmatism of an entrepreneur.

We follow a comprehensive and well-structured investment approach in order to identify the most attractive and ambitious investment opportunities in our target industries and geographies. Within our core investment team every member has a distinctive industry competence and a functional or geographic focus.

We are working closely together with our portfolio companies to develop large and successful market leaders. This comprises in particular leveraging our marketing & sales expertise and our global market perspective to provide strategic advice, providing HR management to grant access to top talent, connecting our portfolio companies with our broad B2B & investor network as well as supporting the fundraising process.

Our Vision

Empowering entrepreneurs to reimagine the way we live and work.

Our Mission

Picus works together with daring technology companies that are challenging the status quo and shaping tomorrow.

Our Values

Loyal Family

We care about the well-being of our colleagues beyond work

We identify ourselves with the work, achievements, and setbacks of the entire firm

We go the extra mile for our colleagues even if we are not responsible for their work stream

We are loyal to our colleagues and treat them with respect even in situations of disagreement

We seek what is in the best interest of Picus rather than what is in the best interest of ourselves

Loyalty is a two-way street – we earn it by giving it

Passionate Ownership

We are entrepreneurs that approach any task like we are working on our own venture

We see the bigger picture and our contribution to the overall mission

We are fully responsible for accomplishing our tasks and obtaining the required resources

We are passionate about the ideas we are working on and the technological trends of tomorrow

We are not just ticking boxes but instead challenging instructions to find the best final outcome

We fight for our ideas and find solutions to obstacles

Sustainable High Performance

We ensure a sustainable work environment for ourselves by establishing work habits that work for us and the firm

We achieve the best outcome possible in terms of efficiency and quality

We set high and ambitious expectations for our work and the work of others

We appreciate the fact that great companies are built when they are able to go the extra mile

There is no such thing as “face-time“

Entrepreneurial Pragmatism

We grow by dealing with ambiguity

We take calculated risks knowing that the biggest risk is stagnation

We move fast and iterate rather than waiting for the perfect solution

We focus on outcomes not inputs

We break down the larger vision into manageable steps

We don’t dwell on issues but strive for solutions

We don’t have to know it all but need to find the right resources to accomplish our goals

We act with courage and persistency

Continuous Growth

We look for paths to grow and work on improving every day

We take on challenges as an opportunity to learn

We coach others and learn from them

We value talent over experience

We can make mistakes but we can‘t make them twice

We have a hunger to become an expert in our field

We make sure learnings and best practices are applied throughout the team

Every day is day 1 for something new and we are responsible for its growth

Reliability by Thoroughness

We follow through on our internal and external commitments

We acknowledge that long-term success is built on trusting and reliable relationships

We conduct thorough analyses and research rather than jumping to conclusions

We improve upon existing processes to ensure an efficient working style

Even in stressful and emotional situations we behave professionally and respectfully

We do not talk about our success, but let our work speak for itself

Honesty & Integrity

We behave and communicate honestly and non-politically

We question decisions and behavior that are inconsistent with our values

We flag problems and mistakes openly and immediately to get them resolved together

We give direct but constructive feedback to all of our colleagues

Long Term Ambition & Commitment

We are in it for the long run

We do not sacrifice long-term impact for short-term gains

We identify ourselves with Picus’ values and vision

We focus on sustainable investment opportunities and business models

We think big and beyond the obvious

Unconform Thinking

We constantly challenge the status quo and our current thinking

We think beyond what we are currently doing

We take an innovative approach to our work

We have an obligation to dissent if we are in doubt

We don’t blindly follow group think

Caring Meritocracy

The best argument always wins independent of our position in the firm

We have our own opinion but constantly reassess it based on other arguments and new information

We never hold back arguments and insights because of our position in the firm

We engage in discussions which are outside of our direct responsibility to help others come to the best results

We don’t sacrifice longer term relationships over short term gains

We don’t compete with our colleagues, but instead work together to achieve the best outcomes