Picus makes initial investments in pre-seed and seed ventures. In both categories we intend to invest significant amounts throughout the lifecycle of the companies. We have invested in over 50 companies to date.

Pre-Seed Investments


In the context of our pre-seed investment activity, we work together with companies that are pre-revenue and pre-product or founders with an exceptional idea. We also welcome promising founders as Entrepreneurs in Residence to brainstorm with us and leverage the startup ecosystem before founding their actual company. In this stage, we invest and work together with founders from day one. All of our pre-seed investments are completely independent. Picus supports the startups exclusively in its role as an early-stage investor.


Seed Investments

In the context of our seed investment activity, we invest in any company with at least a Minimum Viable Product and often also initial traction. Picus opportunistically invests initial tickets in the context of smaller Series A rounds as well.