“As a privately financed venture capital investor with long-term and flexible capital we are looking for exceptional founders who are committed to building category leaders throughout the next 5-10+ years.“

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We invest in early-stage technology ventures with a focus on Real Estate, Finance & Insurance, Human Resources, and Renewable Energy. Picus makes initial investments in pre-seed and seed ventures. In both categories we intend to invest significant amounts throughout the lifecycle of the companies. We have invested in over 50 companies to date.

We are working closely together with our portfolio companies leveraging our marketing & sales expertise and global market perspective to provide strategic advice, helping to recruit top talent, connecting our portfolio companies with our broad B2B & investor network as well as supporting the fundraising process.



We have been working closely with the team at Picus from the very early days following our seed round. Especially when it comes to strategic discussions, fundraising, and access to their network, Picus is a great partner with a strictly entrepreneurial mindset."

Matthias Knecht and Christian Grobe, Founders of Billie

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Pre-Seed Investments

In the context of our pre-seed investment activity, we work together with entrepreneurs on opportunities in a pre-revenue and pre-product stage. We also welcome promising founders as Entrepreneurs in Residence to brainstorm with us about markets and ideas before founding their new venture. In this stage, we invest and work together with the founders from day one, leveraging the Picus startup ecosystem.


“Picus has been a very reliable and supportive partner for us from day one.

We are impressed by the team's sector knowledge, their entrepreneurial spirit and most important, that they put it into practice.

Accessing their network helped us acquiring our first pilot customers very quickly.”

Benjamin Günther, Anselm Bauer, and Sebastian Schuon, Founders of Alasco

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Seed Investments

In the context of our seed investment activity, we invest in any company with at least a Minimum Viable Product and often also initial traction. Picus sometimes invests initial tickets in the context of smaller Series A rounds as well.


“Picus supported us with their comprehensive market understanding in the early phases of building our

business and has been an excellent sparring partner

for us ever since.”

Matt Robinson, Phil Cowans, and James Turford, Founders of Nested