„Picus supported us with their comprehensive market understanding from early on and has been an excellent strategic sparring partner ever since.”

Hanno Renner
Founder of Personio

„From the first meeting we knew Picus is the right partner for us. They understand what it takes to build an industry defining company. They knew how to amplify our capabilities both strategically and operationally”.

Julian Kley and Vlad Lata
Founders of Avi Medical

„Picus has been an exceptional strategic sparring partner for us at Enpal since we started offering solar systems (Solaranlage) and ever since. We for example worked very closely together with them to solve the complex financing challenges inherent in our business model.”

Mario Kohle
Founder & CEO of Enpal
Dr. Carla Woydt, Magnus Drewelies, Hannes Nützmann
Founders of CEEZER

„When it comes to strategic discussions, global ambitions and fundraising, Picus is a great partner with a strictly entrepreneurial mindset.“

Christian Grobe, Aiga Senftleben and Matthias Knecht
Founders of Billie

„Picus’ deep understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities in the finance industry as well as their support in recruiting exceptional talent makes them a great partner for our venture.“

Andrea Baronchelli and Giovanni Casinelli
Founders of Aspire

„Picus is an exceptional partner for our firm when it comes to the ambition to build a global category leader and to recruiting top talent for our organization.“

Josef Vollmayer and Lars Stäbe
Founders of Limehome

„Picus has become our closest partner and their industry experience is a great asset in particular for our European market entry.“

Paul Delpon, Tommaso Tamburnotti and Augustin Ceyrac
Founders of Easyship

„Accessing Picus’ network helped us acquiring our first pilot customers and highly relevant industry partners very quickly.“

Benjamin Günther, Anselm Bauer and Sebastian Schuon
Founders of Alasco

„The industry contacts and investor network of Picus have been extremely valuable to us.“

Jan Riethmayer, Alex Hersham and Richard Fattal
Founders of Zencargo

„We are impressed by the long-term investment philosophy of Picus and their deep understanding of our and related business models around the globe.“

Giorgio Tinacci
Founder of Casavo

About us

Picus Capital is an early-stage technology investment firm with a long-term investment philosophy. We work together with daring technology companies to build successful, global companies challenging the status quo and shaping tomorrow. We want to become the closest partner of our portfolio companies by working together on key strategic decisions and operative challenges.

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