We are invested across 15+ countries

At Picus, we follow a global investment approach to identify the most promising business models and founding teams independent of their location.

Logo Personio
Personio is delivering a modern HR management and recruiting solution for small and medium-sized businesses between 10-1000 employees.
Logo Zeus
Zeus Living
Zeus Living is a property management company that rents furnished housing properties to startups, students, and companies.
Logo Thermondo
Thermondo is the largest installer of heating solutions in Germany while offering many other state-of-the-art energy efficiency services.
Logo Homeday
HomeDay is a platform for data-driven pairing of real estate agents and private owners who want to sell their property.
Logo Billie
Billie reinvents the way small businesses manage their working capital by solving their order-to-cash problem and offering pay-after-deliver services.
Logo Kin
Kin takes the hassle out of home insurance by tailoring policies to the homeowner‘s needs and simplifying the application process.
Logo Enpal
Enpal provides solar energy solutions and services to homeowners and businesses who want to save money and become more independent.
Logo nested
Nested gives home-sellers certainty over their property sale from day one while enabling them to secure their new dream home on their timeline, simultaneously.
Logo Aspire
Aspire serves small businesses with convenient and inclusive financial services by eliminating waiting time, paperwork and hidden fees.
Logo Finn Auto
Finn offers an all-inclusive flexible car subscription to its customers.
Casavo acts as a tech-enabled market maker in the real estate market that acquires properties directly to offer hassle-free and quick transactions.
Logo Limehome
Limehome offers fully furnished and serviced apartments for longer business projects, city trips or weekend getaways.
Logo Proprioo
Proprioo is a digital alternative to traditional real estate agencies by delivering a complete sales service ranging from the estimate to the sale at the notary.
Logo Joblift
Joblift is a meta-search platform providing job seekers with the most intuitive and frictionless experience during the recruiting process.
Logo Rhino
By cutting upfront costs, Rhino is providing better access to living and working spaces and putting more money back in renters' pockets.
Logo Zencargo
ZenCargo revolutionizes global logistics by allowing customers to book, manage, and track their ocean, road, air, and rail freight.
Logo Miscusi
Miscusi is a fast-gourmet restaurant chain in Europe, specializing in serving freshly made pasta.
Logo Door
Door is a next-generation real estate transaction platform designed to improve the client service and reduce the transaction costs associated with homeownership.
Alma Logo
Alma is an instalment payment solution used by the best brands to increase their sales and delight their customers.
Logo Alasco
Alasco streamlines the construction of real estate by reducing the cost and duration of construction projects through digitally connecting all stakeholders.
Logo Hiber
Hiber is a home energy company that makes quality boiler replacements easy for homeowners.
Modifi Logo
Modifi is solving global trade finance for small and medium-sized businesses.
Logo Talentry
Talentry offers an enterprise-ready SaaS recruiting solution that enables firms to identify, organize and engage the right talent.
Logo Naborly
Naborly helps landlords to easily verify their tenant‘s identity and income while providing complete credit reports and criminal background checks.
Flat is flipping the way homes are sold in Mexico. With a deep layer of technology and data, Flat simplifies the painful process of buying or selling a home.
Logo Goliving
GoLiving offers thoughtfully designed and move-in-ready co-living spaces to provide customers a new kind of hassle-free living.
Logo Leadhome
LeadHome is a modern estate agency that enables owners to achieve the optimal result when selling their property.
Easyship is a technology company that provides eCommerce sellers with a one-stop solution to ship their orders worldwide.
Logo Building Radar
Building Radar
Building Radar supplies verified construction sales leads, so sales teams can focus on selling rather than generating and qualifying leads.
Cove Living
Cove is a co-living company that leverages technology and design to revolutionise room rentals for a growing generation of mobile working professionals.
Logo Fetcher
Fetcher combines artificial intelligence and human expertise to help companies fill open positions at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional recruiting tools.
Logo Lendis
Lendis offers a rental service for furniture and electronics, that allows companies to rent at low rates and flexibly change or cancel at any time.
Liddo Logo
Lido is a live online tutorial platform where students learn in a highly interactive, fun, personalized manner with expert teachers.
Logo Tizeti
Tizeti provides broadband internet services to densely populated urban centers in Africa by building Wi-Fi solar base stations.
Logo Blok
Blok makes apartment and house sales cheaper and more efficient by managing and automating the most routine tasks related to selling properties.
Logo Homebot
Homebot drives repeat and referral business for real estate agents and loan officers by helping their clients build wealth.
Avi Medical
Avi Medical wants to reimagine the medical practice by creating a new, positive dynamic between doctors and patients through modern medicine and the latest technology in service of lifelong health and wellbeing.
Meddo, is India's largest out-patient care network aiming to fundamentally transform how healthcare is delivered and consumed in India.
Genus AI
Genus AI is an artificial intelligence platform focusing on deep customer understanding, customer data augmentation and interactive custom modeling.
Logo Klarity
Klarity accelerates contract review using Artificial Intelligence to match one's company legal policy.
Hawk.AI is a real-time transaction monitoring platform to support Financial Institutions by fighting Anti-Money-Laundering.
Logo Crea
CREA’s mission is to power brands through digital commerce to reach the booming, digital savvy, Millennial and Gen Z consumers in Southeast Asia.
Logo Strideup
StrideUp makes home ownership more affordable by building a new way to invest in and own residential property.
MoneyOnClick uses an innovative social selling distribution model to provide loans for underserved lower-middle income families in small cities in India.
Hive Logistics
Hive stores and ships products for small and medium-sized online merchants next-day. Fast, transparent & affordable.
Logo Narmi
Narmi provides superior technology – namely mobile and online banking – to regional and community financial institutions.
Aplazo provides a flexible point of sale financing solution with installment payments to e-commerce and offline merchants.
Flexcavo is a construction machinery solution provider with its own fleet and software solution (FlexcavoOS) that ensures an optimal use and management of machinery and equipment of its clients.
Logo Digital Genius
DigitalGenius is an AI platform that puts customer support on autopilot by understanding conversations and automating repetitive processes.
Logo Getsurance
GetSurance is reshaping the insurance industry by offering cancer and disability insurance that people can buy online in 5 minutes.
Reliance HMO
Reliance HMO
Reliance HMO leverages data science and telemedicine to make health insurance and treatments more affordable and more convenient to access.
Mercê Do Bairro
Mercê do Bairro digitises the traditional supply chain of local grocery & convenience stores via a centralized, data-driven B2B procurement platform.
Rain operates a salary advance platform and financial wellness suite for mid-sized organizations, where employees can obtain early access to earned wages and manage their finances.
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